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school kids in the mine cart at the gem mine
We love our little gem miners!

We are proud to offer indoor and outdoor gem mining, so we are open rain or shine all year long!  Our Hendersonville store is open every day except Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter.  Our Pisgah Forest store is open daily from May 1st til October 31st.  Then it is open as weather permits.  Please call during to off season to get daily hours for Pisgah Forest.  We have the perfect bucket for you and your family.  Have trouble deciding? Just ask!

Your Family Fun Starts Here. Pick a Bucket and Start Mining!

Standard Gem Buckets

These buckets contain up to 40 different precious and semi precious gems from local mines and mines from around the world. The bigger the bucket the more gems you find.  Gems you may find include Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Dalmation Jasper, Girasol Opal, Citrine, Fluorite, Red Jasper, Labradorite, Tourmaline, Clear Quartz, Fushite, Aventurine, MoonStone, Pyrite, Desert Jasper, Fire Agate, Smoky Quartz, Amazonite, Zebra Jasper, Apatite, Carnelian, Onyx and more!

  LITTLE NUGGET                                                           $12

  ROCK HOUND                                             $24

  BIG BONANZA                                                                   $35




Our Super Bucket contains as much gem mine dirt or more than our competitors medium and large buckets combined!  These Supers contain mining ore from many gem mines including ruby, sapphire, emerald and fossil mines. This mining ore will contain larger gems and geodes.  Plus, it also includes the standard gems.  

These offerings are great for families or the serious miner.

  SUPER Bucket                                                                                            $65

   THE ELDORADO                                                               $130

  PAPA BEAR                                          $400

 THE SPECTACULAR      $800(Pisgah Forest Only)


Emerald in matrix
Emerald in matrix

Specialty Buckets

Our Specialty buckets are now a one of a kind deal including Ruby, Sapphire, Aquamarine, Topaz and Emerald  gem mining ore. This is a premium bucket including facet quality stones.  

SMALL                                    $50 

LARGE                                     $80.

New For 2019

4&1/2 gallon  Premium Fossil Bucket     $50

Black Light Buckets

These buckets are a one of a kind found only here at Pisgah Forest Gem Mine.  You can find several different fluorescent minerals that glow in our special black light gem mining room.  Currently, this is available Mon-Fri in the Pisgah Forest Location only. 

      1 Gallon                                             $25



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