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Helly Tec OTF Knives

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Helly Tec OTF Knives are here at the

Gem Mine

Helly Tec OTF knives are made right here in the USA.  They are well made with 440c stainless steel blades.  Also available in a variety of colors, from black to hunter orange and camo to deep red, blue and green, we have one that will fit your fancy.  Helly Tec OFT knives are available in  Tanto, Drop point or Dagger blade, straight edge or serrated configurations.  Each knife is equipped with a belt clip and glass break, and comes with a holster.  We currently have them in 2 sizes-  medium-8.25 inch (open) and small-4.25 inch, because of that, we have one that will fit you perfectly.

These knives open out the front with the push of a button.  Hit the button again and it closes automatically.  They are made with a safety spring system, therefore, they will not deploy into an object. Once they are open, they lock in place.

Helly Tec OTF knives are legal in North Carolina, as well as,  most other states.  You cannot conceal them in NC. You can pocket carry them with the belt clip exposed or in the holster.  Some states do allow conceal carry with a permit.  Please check with your state for specific laws, in order to determine if Helly Tec knives they are legal to conceal carry or open carry.

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